Sponsored Programs are projects and activities supported by external funds awarded to Allen University. The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) conducts expansive research to identify grant opportunities offered by various government agencies and foundations using resources such as grants.gov, federalregister.gov, and foundationdirectoryonline.org. Once funding opportunities are identified, OSP actively pursues these opportunities, to include identifying linkages between the funding entity and the University, contacting the government agency or foundation directly to begin cultivating a relationship, introducing the University, inquiring about the preferred method of initial approach when seeking a grant, and following up with an LOI, application, or proposal as recommended by the agency or foundation representative. In addition, the Director of OSP develops the capacity of Allen University's faculty and staff to submit award-winning grants and proposals by assisting with proposal development, reviewing and editing proposals and grant applications, ensuring that grant submissions and awards adhere to Allen University, federal, state, and organization guidelines, and hosting an annual grant/proposal writing workshop to hone grant writing skills.  



Title III (Part B) provides financial assistance to HBCUs to assist in establishing and strengthening physical plant, academics, fiscal affairs, and endowments so that these storied institutions may continue to participate in fulfilling the goal of equality of educational opportunity for all U.S. citizens. The Office of Title III is responsible for management and oversight of Title III grant operations and budgets to ensure that federal funds are used in strict adherence and compliance with the grant and all federal government regulations and expectations of accountability. In addition to grant maintenance and oversight, the Director of Title III is responsible for reporting on all Title III grant-funded activities, monitoring progress toward the achievement of goals, and measuring programmatic outcomes. The director is also responsible for the following:

  • Preparing Title III reports to the U.S. Department of Education in compliance with grant requirements and conditions throughout the funding/reporting period, including:
    • Progress in Achieving Title III Objectives Report
    • Quarterly Progress Report
    • Annual Performance Report
    • 5-Year Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP)
  • Reviewing and approving all expenditure requests and maintaining adequate authorization and audit trail records for those expenditures
  • Working closely with the Division of Fiscal Affairs to ensure that an efficient system of fiscal controls and routine reporting is maintained

FUTURE ACT (formerly SAFRA) is part of the Title III program and the director undertakes management and oversight of FUTURE ACT grant funds in the same manner as Title III funds, to include ongoing monitoring and reporting.

Finally, the Director of Title III acts as a liaison between the U.S. Department of Education and Allen University.  

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