Welcome to the 🍎 Environment

🐝🐝Welcome Fellow Yellow Jackets🐝🐝


Say hello to the future with the deployment of iMac desktops and Macbook Airs. This page is designed for new users and anyone who may need a refresher to the IOS World. Please feel free to download training material and useful tips to pave the way for everyone to be a super user to iMacs❗️❗️

iMac Desktop🖥

Learn how to navigate the iMac desktop with the training videos provided below. 

Learn how to customize dock menu by dragging and dropping applications on to task bar.

(.mov, 76001K)

Learn the usage of virtual desktops and Mac keyboard shortcuts for fast and easy navigation. 

(.mp4, 100760K)

Learn how to enable the well known "right-click" to have quick access to task menu.

(.mov, 219278K)

Learn how to change the colors of folders on desktop.

(.mp4, 54620K)

Learn how to enable and use Hot Corners. 

(.mp4, 51998K)

Learn how to effectively screenshot and screen record using your snipping tool. The keyboard shortcut is "cmd+shift+5"

(.mp4, 37345K)

Learn how to locate apple menu and recognize the file options for current running application.

(.mp4, 36327K)

Learn how to navigate your new iMac/Airbook desktop. Learn the key differences between Microsoft Windows and Apple interface and applications. Great for beginners and someone who has little to none experience with Apple devices. 😁

(.mp4, 248217K)

Safari (Browser)🎯

Learn how to navigate Safari app on iMac desktop with the training videos provided below. This is the built in browser; also the equivalence to internet explorer.

Learn how to log into Microsoft 365 through web browser (Safari).

(.mp4, 167599K)

Learn how to open a new tab on Safari and the Mac shortcut for this action.

(.mov, 67569K)

Learn how to request leave via J1web on My Allen.

(.mov, 114023K)

MS Office Applications🤗

This sections helps users understand the basics on using MS applications. 

This video teaches the user how to download MS 365 applications onto the desktop

(.mov, 846359K)

This video teaches the user how to create rules on outlook for better organization on Outlook email client.

(.mov, 879318K)
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